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The Secrets to Better Project Start-ups

This blog post will contain a series of videos discussing the values […]

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Project Complexity

I’ve been writing lately about complexity and addressing it head-on so it […]

Sketchy Ideas Podcast Appearance #1

I’m generally uncomfortable with promoting any rare “15 minutes of fame” for […]

Unraveling Complexity, Part 1

Introduction Every day we go to work we do battle with complexity. […]

Communication Excellence

The path to communication excellence begins with identifying all people affected by […]

Assessing your vendor relationships

If an upcoming project includes any kind of technology change, such as adding or enhancing a solution delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) or being custom built for you by a third-party, attention to the that vendor relationship is important.  Looking critically at your relationship, whether new or well established, should be part of your start up process.  This can help you to avoid obstacles, surprises, or conflicts that, at minimum, could cause delays or, worse, cause you to terminate your project. 

Resources unknown or unallocated

This post is the next installment in an ongoing series about areas […]

Limited visibility across your team or organization

This post is the next installment of an ongoing series about areas […]

Risks uncollected or unaddressed

This is part of an ongoing series of posts about areas of […]

Customer, staff and other impacts not understood

This is part of an ongoing series of posts about areas of […]