Readiness Services Table

Below is a table of services applicable to the various READINESS topic areas.

Topic / AreaServices Applicable
Project vision underdevelopedAddress definition and documentation of the project vision, success and outcomes, support reviews and socialization.
Objectives not clearly defined or communicatedThis is a component of project vision. The service takes a detailed look at defining and communicating objectives, metrics and success factors
Customer and staff impacts not understoodIdentify, catalog, and assess the full stakeholder community directly and indirectly impacted. This includes all customers impacts.
Risks uncollected or unaddressedWhile this is a standard Project Management practice, this activity will take into account the larger environment at the company, other projects, personnel, locations and potential moving chess pieces that could impact the project.  It will also interconnect with the other services to be more complete than just risk management at the individual project level.
Limited visibility across your team or organizationDevelop a communications strategy and timeline, write the communications and execute delivery.
Resources unknown or underallocatedAssess resource needs, with effort estimates, timeframes, identify and get commitments, all across the project environment and organizational landscape.
Low experience with vendor project execution and partnershipHelp you understand how the vendor(s) work and establish collaborative, custom, blended project governance processes to fit each company’s needs. Set a framework for how you will work together before you start.
Feasibility in your environment unexploredLook across all projects in-process, planned environmental changes, planned operational changes, and how they all interconnect.
Change Management plan missing or incompleteCreate a complete change management strategy, plan and execution to address all people impacts at both your company and customers.