Readiness Assurance At-A-Glance

Readiness Assurance Will

  • Accelerate outcome achievement by eliminating missed steps and surprises that could derail the project over its life.
  • Widen the internal fan-base for your project by increasing awareness and jumpstarting “desire”1 to support.
  • Highlights the importance of the balance between the technical side and people side of change.2
  • Builds awareness of a discipline and competency for future projects.

1 DESIRE is an important element of the Prosci ADKAR model for how individuals transition through a change.

2 A holistic approach to change blends attention to the project management and change management disciplines.

Readiness Assurance Applied

We will review completed pre-project activities, identify gaps, determine the best approach to building readiness, organize the process and identify the resources needed to start

Build the readiness relevant items, such as stakeholder assessments, impact assessment, and Change Management strategy and plan.  We work alongside your team through DISCOVERY/DIAGNOSTIC, ASSESSMENT, ANALYSIS, RISK MITIGATION, and then CORRECTIVE ACTION. Each activity includes preparation of just-right documentation.

Project execution can be performed by your designated Project/Program Manager, who we will work with collaboratively to bring them up to speed on the READINESS work.

*Alternatively, we can provide the PM/execution services, having benefit of the continuity of the READINESS work.