Case Studies

The videos below are presented in the format of the “CAR Story”.
CAR stands for
  • Challenges
  • Actions
  • Results
This is a common, powerful way to share key details about a work engagement.

The CAR stories provide information about the environment and context at the client, and the objectives and challenges surrounding the project.  They then itemize the actions I completed, or led a team to complete, and the results achieved.
My collection of CAR Stories contain selected projects that spotlight relevant works to show the diversity and distinctiveness of my background.
I’d be happy to speak with you to answer any questions or provide further details about any of these stories.

Very Large Project

This project supported technology, process, branding and organizational transition during a bank merger.

Large Project

This project supported process and technology changes to improve finance regulatory compliance.

Small Project

This small project sought to improve sales channel performance within a manufacturer.